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Posted By Babs

 I am slowly getting there with both Lucy’s unexpected discovery and Master Shǒuwèi One spell too many. Unexpected discovery is all ready for final checking and once my trusty beta reader is free, it will be off to her. Whilst that is happening I will crack on with the cover and see if I can come up with a back image and a really good blurb to sell it to the reader.

I feel really happy to have the story in the final stages now, it makes all my hard work worth while. Also the beta reader is awesome at spotting anything that needs a bit more adding to it or does not make any sense. I really enjoy working with her.


Also whilst I am waiting for my beta reader to be free, I have made the decision to redo September rain. This is mainly because the current is over 90,000 words . I don’t even know why or how it got so big. When I was reading it through, a lot of it is not that well written, so my aim now is get it down to 40,00 words or just over as I am way better at doing short novels than epics. Hopefully I can turn it into a much better and moving story.

Another reason to redo it is because it is part of the Master Shǒuwèi series it falls between Tale of two brothers and Unexpected discovery and I feel it is letting the series down when it is not written with such care and attention as the rest.

I will say since I completed and published A Tale of Two Brothers it has given me the drive to say it does matter how long it takes to prefect a story, even if takes 23 years, I know I will get there in the end.


I am going to say one thing, I am so please with how much interest the mini story on Twitter is getting. That has been a real challenge to write when I have a word limit of around 53 words. Doing it though is helping me to compress or condense descriptions and putting something across in fewer words that still packs a punch and keeps the readers interest. I will try and add more to it when I am not so busy sorting the main stories.

What I am planning on doing once One spell too many and the rewrite of September rain are out is making an online box set of the first 5 stories in the series, this will be including Three Brothers which tells the beginning of Shǒuwèi’s family and gives a peek in to what they did in the Dark Chapter. The third brother, known as the Black Heart Summoner, is mentioned throughout the series so far and there is a reason for this, but that is all I am saying.

 I will also mention here, I have made a start on the sixth book in the series and plotting out what is going to happen with the main characters. I am still not sure how to end it, whether or not this will be the final book in the series or be continuing it. All I can do is write it and see what happens.

Posted By Babs

It is good to have Lucy’s unexpected discovery with the beta reader after I suggested she go through it before she goes through Tyrant’s Return again, so she can fully understand some of the scenes in that story better. I really enjoyed writing Lucy’s unexpected discovery, it was great to have him in a story where he is the lead character, because in Tale of two brothers, it was his brother Ashley who was the lead. It was great to explore Lucy’s capabilities and personality more. It was also nice to bring in other members of his very large family to assist him in certain situations. I hope the beta reader finds it to be a good balance of serious and fun. I am looking forward to her feedback. Then it will be on to Tyrant’s Return as I hope to launch them at the same time and I might even do a collectors edition that will include Tale of two brothers.

Whilst I am waiting for the story to return, I have been busy carrying on with Chris’ story Dress (Still a working title). This story is strictly 18+ so I am thinking of only making it available on line and make sure I include warnings, that it contains adult content. In all seriousness I will see what my beta reader says once it is ready to go to her. Then I will know for sure if it needs to be so high or I could get away with it being say 16+ rating.

Posted By Babs

I am currently working on a side story whilst the main story Master Shǒuwèi Book Two Tyrant’s Return is with the beta reader. Hopefully this time around she will find it less confusing and easier to follow. Yes, there has been a title change since the last time I posted. This is because my editor and feel it would be better to separate it from the current one that is out, the main reason is they are not identical even though there are some scenes that are the same the rest of the story around them is considerably different with it following on from Tales of two brothers.

The side story is also nearly completed, not sure yet if I am going to leave the title as it is Yiska’s family reunion, because he is not in it until near the end, which I am currently writing. The main focus is Lucy because it follows on from September Rain and also involves the main character from Crimson Moon. I might yet call it Lucy’s unexpected discovery, but it this could also change once I’ve finished it.

I also need to yet come up with covers and blurbs for both stories that will entice the readers curiosity. Once I come up with something I will post it on instagram and in the offical Master Shǒuwèi group on Facebook.

Posted By Babs

It is so wonderful to finally have a Tale of two brothers published. It has taken such a long time to get to a point where I was happy with it and was able to complete it. The beta read also really enjoyed working on it with me and helped me so much to get it a high stranded where even I was thinking yes this is it. This is what I want to publish. It is hard to believe after 23 almost 24 years to get to this stage. It really goes to show how dedicated I was to the story and feel a great sense of achievement now it is finally available.

Since completing it, I have been working on an alternative version of Master Shǒuwèi Echos of the past, that follows straight from Two brothers and has elements form the current version that is out. It has been again great working with the same beta reader because she pointed out quite a few bits that were either confusing or just did not make sense, which is very helpful for me. I am so close to completing it, I hope to be able to send it back to her by the weekend or in to next week to get her awesome view on it and see what she makes of the changes I have made.

Whilst she is doing that I will be focusing on a side story that follows on from September Rain and has elements in it from a story that has never seen the light of day and was written 5 years ago.

Once that is completed and ready to go to the beta reader I will get some of the current free stories finished. If anyone has read any of the following: Unexpected discovery, Two wizards and Forgotten world, please let me know what you make of them so far as feedback would be great.

I have also done a little story on Three brothers who have been mentioned in September rain and current version of Echos of the past and Two brothers. I even made it in to an audio version, which was fun to do when I have not done any recordings of my short stories in a long time. I hope the fans like it even though I am not the best reader in the world.

Posted By Babs

It is so good to nearly have Tale of two Brothers sorted it will be going back to the beta reader for hopefully the last time, I’m sure the reader will let me know.

I am so happy to also have the shorter version of Master Shǒuwèi Echos of the past completed. I just need to come up with a different cover, to make it clear which one is which.

I should also point out, they are not exactly the same, there are characters in the short version who are from September Rain and Tale of two brothers. That’s another thing, it continues on from where Two brothers has left off. Well, as it stands at the moment, for it will be going to the same beta reader to go through.

I cannot believe it since doing the short version I am more motivated to write the next instalment, which I have already started and the ideas are really flowing. I seem to know precisely what I am wanting to do with it. I have no idea yet if there will be a fourth instalment. I will see how I go with the third instalment first. I will again be keeping it short, as it is better for me to keep track off and for my fellow dyslexic readers.

I could also put it down to my neat new set up, I am no longer seated at a low wobbly desk, crushed over a laptop. I now have a high desk and a lovely 24” covered monitor, attached to a Mac mini, that is to my eye level. I have not been this comfy before. I am so happy to be working at my new desk, I am convinced it has helped a lot to boost my creativity.