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Posted By Babs

I have completed Samurai and the butterfly, I have since then handed it to my editor who has gone through it to discover I had repeated myself a few times and the ending is not very good So I decided to rewrite it from around the middle and this time it is turning out a lot better, I am keeping the suspense up and adding in some nice diversions. This is the thing and I hold my hand up and say I am not good at writing mysteries, but I am willing to give it a go and with Kiyoshi’s guidance I know it will turn out well.

Once this is all sorted I am going to make a start on recording a full version of Iron claw in the velvet glove as it was requested by a dear friend and diehard fan. I am looking forward to it as it will be great to do a full one and I hope it will help other people to make requests.

Posted By Babs

Really odd all my books are now available on Lulu, some of the thumbnails of the covers are not working, which is an issues they are aware of and are trying to fix it. There is still no preview this book options, but at least they are back up and I hope they remain that way. I will see if I can get used to their new interface and if not then I will publish Book to of Secret in the forest with Amazon.

Posted By Babs

I cannot believe my beloved sight for uploading paperbacks for 10 years or more lulu has done an update to their site and now all my books are no longer available. I have tried to see if I can resolve the problem, only to discover they have now made their site impossible to upload to, they are no longer using the great wizard tool they had which did all the trimming sizers for you, you now have to do that all yourself. Aaah!! Noooo!! It is createspace all over again. To be honest their new look is just awful why change what they had was awesome. I’m afraid until they sort things out I will no longer be publishing with them and I am going to see if I can make a paperback with Amazon or another site which is easier.

If anyone can recommend a good site that do nice paperback books please drop a link in the comments below.

Posted By Babs

Because my diehard fans have been taking the time to catch up on stories, the debate with them is beginning to rise again weather I should complete The Dark Chapter Battles of the Paranoid Pixies, because it is being reference more in the current three stories, Forest God and the Beast, Crimson moon and Secret in the forest which all feature gods who have fought in the battles that have not only left them physically but also mentally scarred. I have told them I am only prepared to do so when more people begin to ask for it as this terrible time in their history has also been mentioned in other stories and there has not been the call to give the entire picture of what happened back then.

My diehard fans understand that there is no use in putting all my time in to this epic when only they are going to read it. So they are hoping the more people who read the Master Guardian series will also begin to question me about The Dark Chapter which in turn may give me the push to finish it. I say again yes and only yes if the call for it begins to increase. I could write it along side the Secret in the forest series which they have all been scrambling to grab since its launch over the weekend. I am considering posting the opening of the Dark Chapter for free to see what other people make of it which also gives me the incentive to come up with an interesting cover as I still need to do one for Forest God and the Beast.

Posted By Babs

 It is such a wonderful feeling to see my free short stories are finally being recognised on penana and booknet. The one that is getting the most attention is Forest God and the Beast, followed by Secret in the forest and Crimson moon. It is quite surprising the first one is getting so much attention when is obvious it is from a much larger book Dark Chapter Battles of the Paranoid Pixies which I am yet to complete as I did not believe there was a need to. Now I am beginning to have second thoughts. Crimson moon is connected to chapters 21 and 22 of Secret in the forest which are yet to be published. I have, however, just launched the first book in that series.

It is also great to know fans are passing my stories on to their friends and family and with this virus I says it is great to just curl up with a good story to take a break from reality for a while. I have been saying to my fellow writers who only do stories as a second job, Shakespeare may have wrote King Lear whilst he was under quarantined during the plague. However, it is not his only play to make reference to the plague for it is mentioned in Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. I know he did turned to poetry whist the theatres were closed for six months in 1592 as a source of income. This has inspired them to write mainly because they have nothing else to do and I have said you never know you could write a master piece. A lot of them have also said they can understand now why I do it full time because they are getting so much done.