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Posted By Babs

Editing all sorted, I am now able to work on the Halloween scene which has Guardian along with his brothers, Shinma Darkness and Celest along with some children carving pumpkins which would be something new for Shinma as the Japanese don’t do this.

Kiyoshi said, That is going to be fun experience for him. But I must say it is odd for Gādo’s family to be celebrating it with none of them being American.


I replied, Hai that is true, but Halloween has been a tradition in England for a long time now so of course the family will join in with the village, plus Chris and Yiska love decorating the inside of the hallway to make it look like it straight out of a horror movie.

Kiyoshi お見事

He also liked the idea if tick or treaters coming to the door as this also does not happen in Japan, he said again Shinma is going to find the whole night really interesting.


Once this scene is completed we will be decidingweather or not to put in the bonfire scene or leave it for the next book as, but lead the first one into it. We will make the decision once we get there as we don’t want the books getting too big.


Posted By Babs

 It is so good to have my dear editor Kiyoshi back as I was without him all through May with him being busy sorting a romance, something he does not like doing. Since he has been back we have been taking the time to go through the first book in the trilogy, after I told him I wasn’t sure about it and I don’t know how to finish it so it flows into the next book.


Kiyoshi a few days ago informed me one scene involving Yiska and Shinma had him in stitches, he told me when Shinma called him, you Bloodhound had him walking around his office laughing so much his boss came in to find out what was going on. The problem is out of context when no one knows the scene we are talking about, people just look at us baffled.

Kiyoshi said he could picture the scene so will, when Yiska found Shinma in the game shop, the Vampire all crouched and the Dreamer stood there with his hands on his hips, asking him where have ya been for the past two centurie?  Why haven’t ya been in touch?

I added, oh he won’t give Shinma time to answer before he asks the next question.”

Kiyoshi, (lol) I can see him being like that.

He also informed me there is a nice balance between scenes being all serious to ones which have him in stitches. This makes me very happy.

There are some things to sort out and once they are all sorted it will be off to the proofreader to see what she makes of it.

Posted By Babs

I am so pleased with how quickly the first book of the trilogy is coming along. It will not be long now before I am completing it, just got to write the Halloween, Bonfire scenes and come up with an ending so it flows nicely into the next book. Then I will take a little brake whilst my editor and proofreader go through it, to hopefully come up with a title and front cover, and also decide if I need to add any internal illustrations.

I have also been writing another side story to accompany the first book, I am not going to say anything about it, as reveal too much of what is happing in the novel.

One thing I must say is there is not going to be much translation as I hope the reader will be able to work out what is happening from the context and most of the Japanese and Mandarin have been in the series since the beginning. Kiyoshi was surprised to hear I will be throwing in some Turkish because this is Chris’ grandmother Poseidon main spoken language, fans will know this from the side story Poseidon and Chris encounter.

Posted By Babs

I am so pleased to have all three side stories for the first book in the trilogy sorted, my editor and proofreader really enjoyed them, they both really liked Misty mountains secret. I cannot thank them enough for all their help.


I am currently working hard on the first book with Gaylin Yiska as the central character until of course Shǒuwèi comes home, but in away I can see them both sharing the position, more like pushing each other off the spot.

I am still planning each book as I go and jotting down notes what I need to cover in each one. Also I need to see what interesting front covers I can come up with. I am aiming to get all three done before my birthday in September.

Posted By Babs

Today I needed to find an uninhabited island off the cost of Japan for the side story Dampa, it needed to be as far away as possible from the mainland and not volcanic. I found some really interesting ones, I really liked the the look of 友ヶ島 (Tomogashima Islands) as it has an uncanny resemblance to Laputa, the floating island in Castle in the sky, one of favourite Ghibli films. A close second was 須子茂離島 (Sukomobanare Island), but I settled for 夕離 (Yubanare) as there is hardly any info on it making it perfect and is well away from the mainland. In the world of Master Guardian, this would be used as a punishment island for bad Vampires they would get airlifted to it, there would be a house to stay in, running water, electricity would come from either sola or wind power and they have to cook on an open fire. Everything a Vampire needs apart from internet or a phone signal. The only contact they would have is by CB radio with the Vampire Nation saturated on 薩川 (Satsukawa). 

If they harm the island or try to escape then they are put to work on 端島 (Hashima Island) or Tomogashima to help restore the historical sights.


I have to say it is great to finally have this in one of the stories as I have been meaning to put in places like this where the gods can send Vampires who harm mortals or their own kind, ripping them of their luxuries they have come to rely on. On rare occasions this kind of punishment will also be used on mortals when they go against the gods three times in a row, however if the person goes against one of the ancients they could end up being sent straight away to Sukomobanare Island for a day.