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Posted By Babs

I have been updating Master Guardian Part One to include translation for the Mandarin and Japanese after it was pointed out by my Chinese fans that some of the names I had chosen were not correct, or were a boys name, so they have been changed. Also my Jfans have pointed out there seems to be no Tenjoteki na in there language, which has left them somewhat puzzled how Collins English to Japanese dictionary came up with it. So my editor and I thought it is going to be better to just put Tenjō. I have also changed Darkness' middle name Aristaios and surname Kontos as these are also not easy for me or my foreign fans to pronounce. So his middle name is now Hermes... Come to think of it, in the time he was born, he may not have had a surname, so it would be something he would have adopted later and decided on Ísycha quiet, because Soul Drinkers are quiet on their feet.

I am so pleased to have it all sorted it is just a pity I will not have a copy to sell at the book launch this Saturday (10th of August). On the day I will be handing out a free 20 page sample copies along with two free short stories which have been very popular on Litnet. I may even conceder including the opening of The Mysterious Towers, which is actually just as old as the Master Guardian series. It is a story made up from notes and ideas which were going to be put into part two originally but got edited out. However, since finding most of them again, I am considering including these strange towers in to the rewrite and thought there needs to be a back story, to explain who found them, right up to who is now the current caretaker of them. I hope to post the first chapter on Litnet before Saturday to see what my readers on there think of it.

Posted By Babs

I am so pleased to have all of Límíng wù & the missing Emperor ready for the lunch tomorrow (Saturday). It is so good to have another book up to date. I’m going to to take a little rest, before carrying on work on the Prince and the Dragon, then Xīwàng and the wish of a prince. However I am in no rush to get them done with me also working on Master Guardian part two and trying to complete Liúxīng and the mystery sword, which I have added in English translation for the names after a reader asked me “What do the characters' name mean?”

I so wished more people took the time to read and post reviews, as it helps me to become better writer and makes me remember to include translation when I post a short story.


A date has been set for Hocus Pocus Rocks and Crystals Saturday the 10th of August I will be there to meet and greet. Hand out some samples of my work and to promote Master Guardian Part One. Anyone is welcome to come along I will be there in the afternoon 14:00 to around 16:00. I hope to see you there you can find all the information on the offical Master Guardian Facebook group.


I still cannot believe I will soon be putting for the first time a book in an actual shop and not one on the internet. It is such a great feeling and hopefully will increase peoples interest in my work. That is the best way for me to think about it and hopefully I will not take fright. 

Posted By Babs

It is great to have all the paintings finished, scanned in and edited for the rewrite of Límíng wù & the missing Emperor paperback and Google play. All I need to do is sort the ePub and iBook versions and I will be able to go ahead and publish it next Saturday 20th of July I hope all my fans are enjoying the new Boredom Chapter 1 I posted on Penana, the only thing I could not changed was the date. Please let me know what you make of it.


I was disappointed Liúxīng and the mystery sword, did not get the same interest as The Dragon and the lighting ball which has had 3635 views. I am curious to find out why it has had so much interest than any of the other books I have posted on Litnet. Please tell me know why you are not finding Liúxīng and the mystery sword gripping? Or is it the blurb is not sparking your interest? These are the questions I am asking when this story leads on from The Dragon and the lighting ball. It will eventually become part of the Bǎihé and Liúxīng series, so I hope I can find away to spark peoples interest in it. I will dig out part two and hopefully posted it as soon as I can.

In the mean time please let me know your views on the story and let me know where I can improve on it as it will help me to become a better writer.


I have to say the Dragon and the lighting ball is up there with Master Guardian, sales on Kindle are going well and I will soon be placing paperbacks in Hocus Pocus Rocks & Crystals. I will post dates when I am going to be at the shop and hope to do a little meet and greet with you the fans whilst I am there. Fingers crossed my Agoraphobia behaves itself and I just don’t end up curling up into a ball crying or doing this  

I know I can do this my work helps me to smack it back down and keep it at bay. And also I know my inspiration, my muse Kisaki music will keep me calm whilst I make the journey down to the shop.

This is a massive step for me to acuity be putting physical copies in to a shop, five years or even just a few years ago this would not have happened, because I was not happy with my work and two my Agoraphobia was still having to be slapped a lot to stop it from rising up. People do not understand what it is like to live the condition unless they have it themselves, it is an endless battle to keep it in check to not allow my anxiety to get the better of me. I so wish I was able to tell Matsuura Tadashi (Kisaki) that his music not only helps my inspiration but it also  helps me to leave the house, travel on public transport and dealing with crowds. My editor says, we need to get all the Jfans of your work together and make it our mission to inform Kisaki-san. So please if there are any Jfans reading this blog please feel free to try and let him know I would like to say あなたの音楽をありがとう 


Posted By Babs

I am so pleased the new version of Master Guardian is doing so well. Everyone who has read it so far have been really enjoying it and have even began to give me nice feedback.

It was really great to hear that it has been going down well with dyslexic readers who struggle to read a book, find no trouble reading Guardian or my short stories, which makes me very happy to hear with me being a dyslexic writer.


I have to admit it has not all been plain sailing we have found a few bits which had errors in them nothing major and have since been corrected. My editor and proofreader are going to go through it again to make sure we have got everything, before the paperback goes on sale in Hocus Pocus Rocks and Crystals shop in July. I am so pleased despite these little hiccups the book is still really popular.

I have also rewritten Límíng wù & the missing Emperor. Yes it has has a titled changed for it used to me Límíng wù & the missing Empress. This is because the story was not in keeping with the Dragon history in the Master Guardian series, for they have been in charge of China and Japan for centuries and things have happened a little differently.

I am currently working on some new illustrations for the covers of the seven chapters and the cover which has already made a lot of fans keen to read the new version and cannot wait for me to publish it. Once I have sorted the last picture and painted all of them I hope to launch it in July.

I have also been removing a lot of the old books from stores, this is because most of them are not that well written or no longer fit with the current series and some just need to be updated. For example the Prince and the Dragon, Xīwàng and the wish of a prince, Gabriel and the pearl oyster. Once they are all done, I will start on the rest of the Límíng wù series until I begin to be asked to continue Guardian and I will turn back to completing Part Two.

Posted By Babs

I was so pleased to discover I could place Darkness’ handwriting in to the Kindle version, it took a bit of doing but I managed it. 

Then came another problem which I had no idea if it was their converter or what was having trouble rendering some of the stresses I had on peoples names, making the line appear as nothing but this □□□□□□, to solve the issue I decided to take the stress off, which in my view made the name look quite strange, but at least the line of text was showing again.

I am still waiting for part one to appear on iBooks and Google Play once they appear I will post links. Once everything becomes available then I am going to start to really promote it. In the meantime if anyone would like a PDF of paperback copy of the story please get in touch.


Now it is all completed I have been taking a little break and started a fairy garden project which in itself is going to take months to do. I will also be getting some of the side stories completed on Litnet, for example Narsus, Gabriel and the snow bear, which I am currently  writing the next part, that might be the final part, I’ll just have to see what happens. Then I thinking about returning to The adventures of Bǎihé and Liúxīng to carry it on where is left off and also post another one in the series Liúxīng and the mysterious sword.

Then pick a short story at random and post it on there to see what people make of it, because I have so many I have started but never finished, because of one reason or another. It would be nice to know if they are good enough to continue or just terrible giggle, which I don't think they are, just not that well written.


I am also still writing and sorting the rewrite of part two which at the moment has hit a bit of a wall  as I’m not sure about a scene I have created, so I’m going to be putting what I have done so far to my editor to see what he thinks and to see where we can go from there. I’m sure together we will be able to sort it, which in turn will get things moving again