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Posted By Babs

It is a new year, since placing my work on litnet it has made more determined to get the Master Guardian series noticed because of the lovely steady trickle of comments I have been receiving for the stories which I posted on there, and I hope it continues to grow.

I have closed my account on Wattpad mainly because I don’t use it any more to post my short stories, any stories I have missed I’ll be sure to post them on litnet.

I have also been reducing the jewellery stores down to at the moment just two, the one on the website and which I will be updating soon with the crackle bead bracelets.


Something I must mention I will be moving over to a cheaper domain provider as my current one is proving to be too expensive for such a limited website and if I want to make it look more update and have a shop I will have to pay extra. I would have moved everything over to Wix but for the year they work out more expensive than my current provider. I also do not like the way you have to switch to a mobile maker to make sure the website is compatible with mobile devices. I have found one which covers this in its package. I of course will be transferring my current website name over to the new provider. I know this means all my blogs will be lost, but I feel change is for the best. ^_^

Posted By Babs

I am so pleased to finally have book two of the trilogy completed, it may have taken a while, but it is all worth it in the end, now all I need to do is some last minute checking before I send it to my editor and proofreader. I hope they will like it just as much as I have enjoyed writing it. There are a few side stories to finish, but they won’t take me long to do, as well as come up with a 90 page story for the new website I have joined all I need to do is  complete the that task on the application to start being rewarded for my work, which in itself would be really great.

I have so many ideas, I could base it around a character who is barely known in the Master Guardian series, this could include one based around a god, guardian or spirit either in this realm or the other realm.

Kiyoshi, has already been giving me some ideas to base one around one of these characters, Yagan jae, Heng, Shenji, or his brother Xīwàng, or one of their children. There is also Huojin and Fēng-li. Dorjee or Bǎihé’s sons, to be honest the list is endless as there are so many characters to choose from. Which is so true as I also have all Josh’s side of the family to base a short story around. I will have to see who I pick for a gripping story.

Any ideas who you would like to see in a short story please let me know in the comments below.

Posted By Babs

 It is fun when you are at that stage in a novel where you’re trying to lead nice and soothly in to the next book, only to fine there are still family to bring in and Shinma to arrive. Only then will I be able to come up with a dramatic ending which will leave the reader craving to find out what happens next. Thank goodness Kiyoshi is on hand to make sure I am building it up so the reader will go, Nooo! You cannot end it like that? What’s going to happen next? Kiyoshi himself was calling me mean and saying you can’t do that to me I want to know what happens next. No, no don’t tell me. Then I mention you’re going to really hate me when it comes to the ending of the third novel as I’m going to again leave the reader on cliff-hanger and that’s it, there will be no more Master Guardian novels.

Well, until we find the right audience who love the series just as much as we do. I need to come up with a better way to sell it to anime fans as they will find with me being a huge fan of anime it has been one of the main influences.

I don’t think the blurb on the website is grabbing people who are into Dark Fantasy or Fantasy who like something unusual which they may never have encounter before. Even Kiyoshi has said so himself he has never come across anything like it in all his years of editing.

I must also try to get across the Master Guardian series is two realms, you have this realm and what is referred to as the other realm, this is why there are things like spirits, guardians, and other gods popping up throughout the series.

I am also thinking about deleting the blurb on the opening page and making the about the author page to also include about the series and why the side stories are also an important part of the novels as they all link together.

Posted By Babs

Over the weekend I have had fun writing a full version of a story which came about from a scene in book two of the trilogy, after I deceased it with Kiyoshi who really enjoyed it and conformed as far as he knows there is nothing like it, he then went on to ask, is there going to be a full version? I replied with, yes, I am considering it and that’s exactly what I did, transformed the scene into a full short story, which I thought I might as well publish with most of it being in the trilogy and give it the same title Darkness give it, The iron claw in the velvet glove.

Then I started to think about a cover which would entice people to read it and this is what I came up with.


However, I cannot take full credit for this image as it is something Kiyoshi found on the internet, as he is into tattoos like this, but the image was just the black outline, no colour and it was quite dark, it also looked unfinished. He told me it is free design you can take to a tattooist to have done and finished to your taste. I was so pleased he found it as it is exactly the image I was after. I started by flipping the image as I for some strange reason cannot draw faces from right to left. Once I completed an A5 pencil image, I scanned it in to the computer and blow it up to A4 printed it off and painted it. The pink robe was suggested by one of my Korean friends so it matched the flower and the lady’s lipstick. Kiyoshi edited the story which he found gripping from beginning to end and said it really gave him more insight in to the character Narsus, and why he wears a full faced mask.

Posted By Babs

 This morning I realised I am getting close to completing book two of the trilogy, which is still yet to be titled, hopefully I will come up with one soon and a front cover.

It has been great to write this, but it has also been at times quite difficult with all the characters that are in it, hopefully the side stories will help the readers get to know them better.

It going to be great to be starting book three as we are approaching winter, with it being set in that time when snow is falling and it is too cold to leave the house, cosy in front of a fire. I am still going to setting the opening in Akihabara.

Kiyoshi bless him, has been catching up with the side stories as he has had other clients and publishers to do work for, both him and my proofreader have really enjoyed the latest one and they have both have given me really good positive feedback which makes me proud to be a writer. I just hope they also like book two, as in a way it is the calm before the storm.