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Posted By Babs

It is so good to finally be back at work, I have had to take things easy because I have had an injury to my left index finger after my pet rat bit it and caused tendon damage making it hard for me to move my middle knuckle. Even now it is still healing, I sometimes get pain from it which may continue for some time.

guinea pigWhilst I was recuperating I spent three weeks looking after 4 guinea pigs and decorated a model wooden house,

 Wooden house

which helped to get my poorly finger moving again.


Now I am back to writing the trilogy, I decided to restart book two from scratch because the first version was  turning out a bit slow to get going, compared to now, things are happening a lot faster. It is great to have baby Elliot in the story along with other members of his family as they all speak French and Elliot only knows a few words of English. I will also be introducing for the first time Mika, Xīwàng’s beloved Sphynx cat, as I love the breed and would love to own one or two myself if I had the room.

Posted By Babs

Chinese theatrelittle room

Because I do not have the room for a hobby which I have always wished I was able to do, is to build little houses, shops and single rooms. I thought  I know I will make it my character Chris' hobby as I can see him being into something like this, with him being a very quiet, patience and skilled young man when it comes to making fine jewellery. In the story I have Chris customising them, which is also something I would do when faced with one which is all pink and flowery I would give it a more tasteful appearance. 

Pink roomCoffee shop

I have made my own dolls house in the past, with lighting and everything, but the lack of room makes it really hard to show it off, and it is just left in a corner collecting dust  That's why I would like to do these instead as they are a lot smaller and can be placed easily on a shelf, which I have Chris doing in the story and has rigged up the lights to wall switches which will look really sweet.

Posted By Babs

Why did I have to pick characters that have lovely membrane wings getting them right is never easy. I realised this morning Bǎihé's left wing should be showing in this shot, however I knew what I was doing wasn't quite right  so I contacted the expert Kiyoshi for his artistic advice and we managed to come up with this.

It looks all right, now all I need to do is paint it. どうもありがとうございました to my awesome editor I could not have done it without you.

Posted By Babs

 It is really nice to have the side story of  Bǎihé and Liúxīng finished. All I have left to do is to paint one picture and and finishing off another, then I will be able to scan them all in and add them to story. Water Guardian

I am so pleased with the way the Water Guardian's hair turned out, it has a lovley shimmer to it which cannot be captured very well in a photo, it is going to be interesting to see how it scans, fingers crossed it will look all right.

Of course once everthing it done I will be sending the story off to my proofreader and editor to see what they think of the five mini stories. Whilst they are doing that I will be continuing to write book two of the trilogy.

Posted By Babs

I have been having fun all this week learning how to paint with these acrylic artists ink ^_^


Thanks to my editor Kiyoshi, as he uses these with his work, he told me to use fox hair brushes as I was using synthetic which do not hold the ink the same way as real hair, since I made the switch my art work has turned out amazing.  The only one ink I have stuggled with is the flesh tone, it is a real nightmare it is so frustrating to get the colour you are wanting, most of the time I thought I had mixed a nice light colour only to see it's not when it dries it looks like character have been sunburnt   After having a chat whith Kiyoshi on how best to mix it, I was so pleased I managed in the end to gave the lovely Bǎihé her soft skin tone.

 Blue Dragon
I still cannot believe the differencehow smooth they look and the level detail I can achieve when using ink is just amazing. I am going to continue using them with all my airt as I have to say they are a lot better to work with especially in hot weather they don't dry out like paint does.